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Kyrgyzstan (also Kyrgyzstan) is a country in the heart of Eurasia, 85th in the world by area and 117th by population. Kyrgyzstan borders Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan is a multinational country, but most of the population is Kyrgyz. In addition to the Kyrgyz, a large number of Uzbeks, Russians, Dungans and Uigurs live […]

Kyrgyzstan Tours

Kyrgyzstan is a lovely nation with unique natural surroundings, a rich cultural legacy, and kind people. Several excursions in Kyrgyzstan may take you to the greatest of the country’s attractions. Following are some examples of popular tour types: Culture Tours: These trips allow you to learn about Kyrgyzstan’s rich cultural history. You may learn about […]

Kyrgyz Guide Sustainability report 2022

Kyrgyz Guide’s mission is to enjoy the pristine and enchanting nature of Kyrgyzstan without polluting it, to present it to our guests by introducing them to the local population. At the same time our activities provide financial assistance to the local population, as well as informing about the negative consequences of pollution by numerous plastic […]

Issyk-Kul lake

Issyk-kul lake

Issyk-Kul lake is the “pearl of the Tien Shan. The name of the lake comes from the word “hot lake” because it does not freeze in winter, although it is located at an altitude of 1,606 m. The lake is surrounded by mountains. To the north is the Kungei (“Sunny”) Ala-Too, to the south the […]

Kyrgyzstan travel restrictions (Update COVID-19)

Kyrgyzstan is open for international travelers. Kyrgyzstan travel restrictions are partially taken. No quarantine on arrival. Required things: PCR test which is valid 72 ours. Vaccine certificate Note: If the results are not presented within the 72 hour period due to flight delays, travelers will undergo PCR testing on arrival. About COVID 19 closures: Now […]

Golden eagle hunting

Hunting with a golden eagle or falconHunting with a golden eagle or a falcon is also a traditional national sport. In order to train these wild birds of prey to serve humans, the trainer needs to know the nature and habits of the birds, the abilities that these birds of prey have. Kyrgyzstan is one […]

Top 6 things to do in Kyrgyzstan

Trekking Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country. This means 90% of the land is higher than 2000m asl. As you can understand, the Highest point of Kyrgyzstan is 7430m altitude above sea level. So less part of the land is liveable. Accordingly, It has a huge area of remote places. it is untouched, or even, people […]

The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan

“When is the best time to visit Kyrgyzstan?” This question is asked by every sophisticated tourist. To choose the right time for yourself, you need to understand some points. What is Kyrgyzstan? Kyrgyzstan is the picturesque land of untouched celestial mountains, breathtaking alpine lakes, and ancient Silk Route relics. Who are the Kyrgyz? Of course, […]

Is Kyrgyzstan safe to visit in 2022?

Kyrgyzstan tours

Yes, it is safe to travel to Kyrgyzstan with us! According to the Global Peace Index in 2021, Kyrgyzstan ranked 76th out of 163. There is no such thing as a perfect safety guide. It depends on the intention of experiencing Kyrgyzstan and how. So in this post, we will tell from the point of the […]

Off-road Adventure in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is 90% mountainous. A few asphalt roads connect the largest towns (Bishkek, Osh, Karakol,…). Staying on these main roads awards you with nice views, but you might be missing the real beauty and diversity of the landscapes that the country offers. To access remote and wild areas, a 4wd vehicle will be essential. (Ountravela) […]

General information Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country stretching among the mountains and valleys of the Northern Tien Shan. Modern Kyrgyzstan is a tolerant country. More than 80 ethnic groups live in it, creating a rich diversity of cultures and traditions. It shares borders with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and China. Kyrgyzstan is extremely rich in natural resources. […]

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