Guides of Kyrgyz Republic


To be representative of our country is honorable. We have very good relation with locals who lives in beatiful places. They are a simple kyrgyz or kazak family. Our guests are always glad to see the real kyrgyz life routine and explore their surroundings where is huge white peaks with green forest and changing scenery.

  • Different landscapes and colors
  • Real Local life and talking with them 
  • Mountains of Tien Shan 
  • Nomad`s house: Yurt Camp 
  • Very polite and fun personal of your trip

Because, these things are guarenteed! 


Narynbek Beketaev


My name is Narynbek. Yes, it is quite difficult to pronounce, you can call me just Narchello!

The nomad Kyrgyz tribes were famous for their hospitality, kindness, and openness. These traits remain
unchanged today. We would love to welcome you to Kyrgyzstan, the picturesque land of
untouched celestial mountains, breathtaking alpine lakes and ancient Silk Route relics. We will share
our cultural story that was formed over the course of many centuries. You are about to witness a unique
combination of the settled lifestyle of modern Kyrgyz people with the heritage of nomadic ancestors.

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