Is Kyrgyzstan safe to visit in 2022?

Kyrgyzstan tours

Yes, it is safe to travel to Kyrgyzstan with us!

According to the Global Peace Index in 2021, Kyrgyzstan ranked 76th out of 163.

There is no such thing as a perfect safety guide. It depends on the intention of experiencing Kyrgyzstan and how. So in this post, we will tell from the point of the local tour operator.

1. Kyrgyzstan is economically growing country

Among local people, crimes and violence happen regularly and most of it takes place in big cities like Bishkek and Osh. Usually, it is related to smuggling or small mafias. But on villages and up mountains. It is so rare to face.

As Kyrgyzstan growing country and you can think if it is poor, less safe. Most of the local people are living a good life, But the government’s financial support to people is so weak. So traveling around Kyrgyzstan takes place mostly in remote places like Son-Kul lake or Ala-Kul lake. So 80% of your meeting people will be from villages and remote places who are by themself interested in tourism and who are living their peaceful life.

As mentioned above, the government is poor. So the people who are on governmental jobs like police or forest guards can cheat you and earn some money. Journalistic research, showed that international guests have issues with police more than local people. But it is not an issue that all travelers will face. It is who comes and organizes travel by themselves or let’s say, independent travelers.

But recently, organized a new touristic police who will take care your safety in cities. Tel number to call anytime. (0312) 26-60-66

2. Kyrgyz people are mostly friendly, Especially for travelers.

Past 4 years, most of our local people understood that tourism is a nice field to earn additional money. And some other people did as the main income. Time by time people are aware and trying to make Kyrgyzstan a safe country.

So if you are a traveler, want to visit Kyrgyzstan and check places to visit. You will anyway choose destinations which are looking better and which have information. So in such places, local people already have known the value of travelers. But in case you want to visit very remote and unknown places, it is better for you to make sure everything in advance.

From ancient times, the Kyrgyz people are being appreciated for their hospitality. And this thing still lives in our current life. For example, if someone comes to your house, you have to treat with tea or with a piece of bread. Otherwise, it is shame for the house owner.

3. Kyrgyzstan is mountainous country

So above, we told about situations that can happen among people. So there are also people and nature.

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country. Here you will find high snow-capped mountains with beautiful landscape views. Not everywhere is connection. On nature can be everything and unpredictable. Avalanche, land slide and more. Or you can be lost on your path. Be aware with all this things.

We are always ready to consult. Help you to build an itinerary.

Kyrgyzstan is safe to travel to.

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