The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan

“When is the best time to visit Kyrgyzstan?” This question is asked by every sophisticated tourist. To choose the right time for yourself, you need to understand some points.

What is Kyrgyzstan? Kyrgyzstan is the picturesque land of untouched celestial mountains, breathtaking alpine lakes, and ancient Silk Route relics.

Who are the Kyrgyz? Of course, these are the descendants of the nomads of the Great Steppe. The most ancient ethnic group (nation) in Central Asia. The first archival references date back to 201 BC, during the extinction of the Saks and the formation of the Huns. The nomad Kyrgyz tribes were famous for their hospitality, kindness, and openness. These traits remain unchanged today.

You can see and meet all 4 seasons in Kyrgyzstan. In some places, you can see 4 seasons in 1 day!!!


So, if you like summer more, heat and warmth the perfect time for visiting our country is from May to September inclusive. Almost all the passes are open and you can easily move from one wild valley to another. It is the best time for off-road trips, hiking and horse riding, and all kinds of adventures! But for most of the tours, the best time according to us is the end of June.


The period from September to November is the time for the fans of autumn trips. The riot of colors of nature will not leave anyone indifferent. When the forests are ablaze with colorful flowers, the sun warms gently and the air smells of last summer and upcoming rains. The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan is not just only in summer and winter. Autumn can surely award you with a fascinating views and experiences.


From December to March, people who love challenges can enjoy the time for winter activities and hiking! This is the time for winter fairy tales, skiing (free-ride skiing and ski resorts), bathing in hot springs, and hiking for people looking for thrills. Nature is exposed to a completely different beauty, and you fall in love with winter Kyrgyzstan again and again! Additionally, At the end of January, we have more snow and at the beginning of December. So you can take it into consideration and before your travel, we can approximately tell the right time to visit.

Best time to visit Kyrgyzstan


March to May is the time of renewal. When nature wakes up after winter and everything is so juicy, fresh, and new. Everything is in bloom and there are 50 shades of green around!
There are no restrictions to itinerary by season; it all depends on the flight of fantasy, time, and money on the card 😉

And all this time you are surrounded by people, the greatest value of our country! Every person you meet here will be happy to share our cultural story that was formed over many centuries. We will show you a unique combination of the settled lifestyle of modern Kyrgyz people with a heritage of nomadic ancestors.
Welcome to Kyrgyzstan – so Small on the world map, but so Big in the hearts of our guests!

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