Song-Kol Lake

It is must visit place in Kyrgyzstan. Here you can enjoy vastness and calmness. Thousands of yurt camps and it is an opportunity to explore Kyrgyz nomad life.

The truly magical alpine lake Son-Kul (Son-Kol) is located in the intermontane depression between the Moldo-Too, Sonkol-Too and Boor-Alba ridges, at an altitude of 3016 m. Its maximum depth is 22 m. Average depth – 9.2 m, length of the lake – 29 km, maximum width – 18 km.

18 streams flow into the lake, of which only four have a constant flow, the only river Son-Kul flows out of the lake. The lake water is fresh and clean. According to the thermal regime, Son-Kul belongs to the lakes of the temperate zone. In summer, the water temperature rises to 11-12 ° C; rom November to May, its surface is frozen. The thickness of the ice can reach 1.5 m. The climate of the lake is very different.

In summer, the air is fresh and transparent, the temperature regime is favorable for air, water and sunbathing. Since ancient times, shepherds from Kochkor, Naryn and At-Bashi have chosen this place for their camps. Using the shores of the lake as pastures, they spend the summer here with their families. Like a huge sparkling bowl, the lake emits a pearly glow set in the setting of snow-white mountain ranges. Horse riding shepherd on the background amazing view can make your day.

How to get to Song-Kul lake

  • 1. Take transportation From Bishkek to Kochkor and take driver to Song-Kul lake
  • 2. If you want to go there by horse. You need to get Kyzart village and there you can take horses. 5 hours horse riding and you are in Son-Kul lake.
  • 3. If you are by bike or selfdrive you can use google maps, it takes you there.
  • 4. No need to worry, You can relax and enjoy with us

What to eat and where to stay, you can find lots of yurt camps, there you can order food and bed.

NOTE: it is at 3000m asl. do not expect luxury bed with private bathroom. No, it is yurt and toilet is outside.

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