Altyn-arashan gorge

The gorge has a unique nature, hot springs located right in the gorge, vast spruce forests, and stunning views.
Back in the days of the Soviet Union, the territory of the gorge was recognized as a specially protected area.

Altyn-Arashan gorge. It is located 10 km east of Karakol. Over 5 km from its beginning, with high rocky sides, sprouting shrubs. Arashan Gorge has a width of only 20-30 m. Then it widens and becomes easy to travel. The slopes are densely overgrown with spruce and present an amazing spectacle.

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In the lower reaches of the river Arashan is Ak-Suu village. (former Teploklyuchenka) Named after the numerous hot springs located near the village. The water from the springs contains radon. It is used to treat diseases of the nervous system. Behind Ak-Suu village the gorge widens. The left slope is densely covered with spruce forests. Arashan Gorge is very picturesque. At an altitude of 2600 m, in a wide valley with spruce forests, green meadows and fragrant flowers. On the right bank of the river, there is a small resort “Altyn-Arashan” (“Golden Spring”). The resort was founded in 1963 on the basis of hot springs with high mineralization and radioactivity.

Just above the resort, on the east side, there is a beautiful moraine lake. Other places of interest of Arashan valley are moraine-glacial lake Kashka-Suu near the northern peak glacier. Aksu wall and waterfall on the Ak-Suu river – the upper tributary of Arashan. Very beautiful waterfalls are Shar-Kyratma, Tash-Tektir and Kuldurek. Very popular is Ala-Kul lake, which is situated near the Ala-Kul pass. It is at an altitude of 3,532 m on the way to the neighboring Karakol valley. The upper part of the gorge is closed by icy giant trapezoidal peak Aksu wall (5022 m). East of it – peak Soviet Russia (4900 m). The Teplokluchenskii zoological reserve is located in this area, where licensed hunting can be organized in the fall.

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