Ak-Suu (Semenovskoye) gorge.

Ak-Suu (Semenovskoye) gorge. The road passes by the “Kyrchin” tourist camp and leads to the jailoo (mountain pasture, 2010 m) to the Kichi Ak-Suu River (“Little White Water”). The river is 34 kilometers long, originates from glaciers and flows into Lake Issyk-Kul. Djailoo was historically used as a gathering place for Kyrgyz elders. Dzhel Karagai Gorge is a forest reserve with meadows and multi-cascade waterfalls. A “yurt village” stands here from June to September, offering a wide range of services. Half of these yurts are offered for guests, and the other half is inhabited by several local families who provide services, entertainment, etc.
To the north of Ak-Suu village are mound complexes at the entrance of the gorge and to the east of it. In the middle part of the gorge itself, where watersheds form a large valley, there are also high-summer mounds, both arranged in chains and standing alone. Petroglyphs are few and unimpressive, images of goats prevail. There is an ancient settlement near the village, dated X-XII centuries. It is small – a square of 46×46 m. The whole area of the settlement is occupied by the modern cemetery.

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