Ak-Buura river

Ak-Buura, river. It flows through the territory of Nookat and Karasuu rayons, Osh oblast. It originates from the northern slope of the Alai Range and flows into the Karadarya River. It is 148 km long, with a catchment area of 2,530 km². Major tributaries: the Jiptyk-Suu, the Chugam, the Chalkuyruk, the Kayindy, the Taldy-Bulak and others. The main source of feeding is melted snow and glacial waters. The average annual water flow rate is 21.4 m³/sec. On the Ak-Buura River, there are the cities of Osh and Taldy-Bulak. Osh and the villages of Papan and Tleiken. The Papan reservoir was built in the middle reaches of the river

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