Ak-Suu Gorge.

Ak-Suu Gorge. Issyk-Kul. Located 12 km east of Karakol, above the village of Teploklyuchenka. The width of the bottom of the gorge is 30-40 m, the height of the slopes up to 300 m. About 3 km by the river at an altitude of 1920 m the Ak-Suu resort is located. Nearby, thermal (31-57 ° C) radon springs emerge from the cracks in the granite rocks. The treatment has been carried out here since the end of the 90s of the 19th century. Before the fork of the Ak-Suu river flows in a narrow gorge of grey and red granite. There is a beautiful Ak-Suu waterfall 25 meters high just above the resort. The gorge is gradually widening, the lower part of slopes is covered with picturesque birdcages of Tien Shan fir, tributaries flow down from both slopes of the valley as waterfalls. From the sights of the gorge, we can single out moraine-glacial lake and beautiful waterfall, which is 30 m high, located at the foot of Ozerny peak in the upper stream of Kashka-Suu – the right tributary of Ak-Suu river. We should also note the huge Buurkan-Tash rock, which resembles a sphinx of reddish granite.

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