Adygene gorge

Adygene, gorge. It is the left tributary of the Ala-Archa. The Adygene River flows into the Ala Archa from the west somewhat below the camp. It takes about an hour to reach Adygene waterfall from Ala-Archa along the river bed. The path goes along the right bank of the river. This bank is covered with spruce forest, which is very ornate in the gorge. Near the final moraine of the glacier there is a convenient platform for a large bivouac, the so-called parking lot “Electro”. It has a stream with clean water.
The Adygene peak is located in the upper reaches of the gorge of the same name in the north slope of the central part of the Kyrgyz ridge. It is the highest point of the Jalamish spur. Between Adygene Peak and Electro Peak is the Adygene Pass (4030 m).
There is a short ridge departing from the Adygene Peak to the west. The western slopes of the peak have steep rock walls. The northern slope is a hanging glacier that turns into the Tez Tor glacier. The Adygene peak is well seen from the Ala Archa gorge and from Bishkek city, from where it looks like an ice pyramid.
The ascent to the Adygene peak is done from the Adygene pass. The ascent to the pass from Elektro parking lot takes 3-4 hours.
The path for ascent to the Adygene peak goes from the pass to the eastern snow ridge, the overall steepness of which is about 30 degrees. The ridge is crossed by two ridges of rocks. The first of them requires bypassing on the left side of the pass. The summit is an elongated snow platform with rocks at its western end

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