Abshir Say

Abshir Say, a tract. It lies at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,500 meters above sea level. In a picturesque canyon with steep rocky slopes on the river of the same name, 70 km from the city of Osh, is the famous waterfall Abshir-Ata. Not far from the waterfall there is a spring Kotur-Bulak with crystal clear cool water. It is located inside a huge karst grotto on the left cliff of the canyon. The water springs from under the rock and is considered healing.
At 10 km is a rubble lake Abshir-Sai, from which the river Abshir-Sai trickles through a dam. Above the lake you can find the adits where in the fifties they mined fluorite, a fluorspar, which is a beautiful cubic crystals of different colors. Fluorite is used in metallurgy, in the chemical industry, and in optics.
Rock paintings can be found in the Abshir Say valley. One group is 5 km south of Kek-Jar village, the other is 20 km south of Abshir-Ata waterfall, at the source of the river.

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