Ala-Kul Lake

Ala-Kul lake 

One of the popular lakes because of its turqoise color and with view of snow capped peaks. Lake is at 3532m asl. In Kyrgyz it is “Colourful Lake”. The lake is located in the upper reaches of Kurgaktor, the right tributary of Karakol. It is a moraine-glacial lake. The color of the water varies depending on the weather. The lake is located between the gorges of the Arashan and Karakol, beneath the Ala-Kul pass. The lake is located 12 km from Karakol. It is possible to ascend to it via the valley of the Karakol river.

Reachable: By Foot 

Diffuculty level: Moderate

Accomodation Type: Tent 

Level of Touristy: High

We recommend

Ala-Kul lake is one of the most visited place.  If you are in Kyrgyzstan  for best views of nature  then it is must visit place. Best option is to take 3 day  trekking through Karakol gorge where you can walk along the Karakol river and you will be awarded with green nature. And after this Ala-Kul lake through Ala-Kul pass to Altyn-Arashan Valley where you will relax with hot springs. But you can also add to your program Karakol Peak View where you can stay one night more. 

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