Abdrakhmanov Yusup

Abdrakhmanov Yusup (28.12.1901 – 05.11.1938). He was born in Chirkey village, Karakol county (Issyk-Kul region). His father, Abdrakhman Balapanov, was a manap, biy and a 3-year parish governor. He participated in the uprising of 1916, in the midst of which he died of typhoid fever. His mother and 7 next of kin were killed in Naryn during the suppression of the uprising. He was orphaned along with his younger brother Toka (b. 1909). After graduating from Russian-Tuzem school (1912-15), he studied in Karakol town higher-primary school (1915-1916), did not finish. Wife: Gulya Abdrakhmanovna (born about 1903). Sons: Anvar (born about 1921), Alibek (born about 1923).
In 1918 he joined (“enrolled”) the AUCP(b) in Verny; however, because he left for Tashkent, he was mechanically excluded. He rejoined the AUCP(b) in March 1919. In the 20s, the instructor of the apparatus of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Yusup Abdrakhmanov was involved in drawing the map of national-state division of Turkestan. Yusup had great authority in the Central Committee. Behind his shoulders was the civil war, combat work in the Komsomol.
Abdrakhmanov came up with an initiative to create a unified Kyrgyz-Karakalpak autonomy from Issyk-Kul to the Aral Sea with the center in Jalal-Abad. Yusup cited various proofs, but the decisive one was the epic of Manas. It was sung and told about in Karakol, Pishpek and Osh counties! First the Kara-Kyrgyz Autonomous Oblast was formed, then the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.
Yusup Abdrakhmanov fought for the ideas of free self-determination of the Kyrgyz people. From 1919 to 1927 he worked in various positions. From March, 1927 to October, 1933, he was the Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Kirghiz ASSR. In 1933, he was accused of nationalism, and was removed from his position and excluded from the party. Worked “on the grassroots” in Samara and Orenburg. He was arrested on April, 4, 1937 in Orenburg. Involved in the case of the “Social-Turan Party”. He was then sentenced to the highest punishment and shot on the night of November, 5-6, 1938.

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