Abshir-Ata is a waterfall, a natural monument. It is located in Nookat district of Osh oblast on the Abshir-Sai river, 3 km above the mouth of the canyon through which the river flows. From 1.5 m hole on the right steep wall of the canyon water cascades (height 12-15 m) breaks into the main river bed. The water is slightly mineralized (calcium and magnesium).
It is believed that the water of the waterfall is holy and has medicinal properties. Pilgrims come from afar to bathe in the splashes of the waterfall and collect water in bottles.
The place got its name from the times of the first settlements of Tajiks. It translates from Tajik as a water-milk spring. One of the legends says that in ancient times the Tajiks and Kyrgyz lived in the gorge, the population was poor. But one day a traveler came to them and said he was a messenger of God. The people doubted: “If you are a saint, do a miracle”. Then the stranger struck the rock with his staff, and milk poured out. The inhabitants were glad and blessed the place. Believers from different countries came to see and worship the miraculous spring. People got so used to this miracle that they stopped valuing it, women started to wash their things in the holy spring. Apparently, the higher powers took offense, and one day the mountaineers discovered that ordinary water was pouring out of the rock instead of milk.

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