Lenin Peak (7134m)

Lenin Peak - Kyrgyz Guides
Lenin Peak - Kyrgyz Guides

It is one of the most popular peaks among beginner climbers-athletes. And those who want to try their hand at high-altitude mountaineering. Another plus is the fact that you can reach the Base Camp under Lenin Peak by car. And in Osh there is an international airport, so you can fly directly. It is located in Ak-say region where Pamir mountains start. The huge giant mountains can fill your eyes. It is totally worth to visit, if you are in Kyrgyzstan.

It is considered to be one of the easiest mountains over 7000m. 

Additional reasons for the peak’s popularity is the hospitable surroundings. The green, lush meadows and relative warmth at base camp, makes a big difference compared to equivalents in the area. Many climbers also come back with fond memories of having “camped with nomads” and great horse-back rides on the grasslands. The nomadic culture on the pastures of Kyrgyzstan is still very much alive.

Lenin peak hiking

There are 16 established routes, nine on the southern side and seven on the northern slopes. The peak is quite popular with climbers due to its easy access and some uncomplicated routes. However, the peak is not without its share of disasters. In 1974, an entire team of eight female climbers died high on the mountain in a storm. So Lenin Peak is not a mountain to be taken lightly, whatever you may read in your guidebook.

So if you want to just explore around and to see giantic mountains you can have a look at our tour.

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