Kel-Suu lake

The lake is at 3,514 m asl. Naryn province. It is located near the Chinese border. A special permit is required to visit. It can be obtained from the Naryn border guard detachment. Or you can contact us.

The lake is of rubble type. It was formed by the collapse of the mountain range. The lake is a winding canyon. Its length is 10.5 km, width – 0.5-2 km, area of the mirror – 4.5 sq. km, the volume of water – 338 mln cubic m. The depth is up to 10 m. The water level in the lake changes every year, up to shoaling.

Kyrgyzstan tours always have great views If Kel – suu is included on your tour. Then it is enjoyable and be ready for charming view and adventure. Once you get to the lake, you will be charmed by the scenery. From the dam there is a wonderful view of the lake with its fantastic views – steep cliffs hundreds of meters high, waterfalls, rocky island, bays, caves, and grottoes. Turquoise bowl of water is surrounded by sheer peaks, the tops of which are covered with snow even in the hottest summer. The color of the water is constantly changing, depending on the light.


About two kilometers away, between the steep walls of the canyon, you can see a rock-island about fifty meters high. The rocks have a bizarre relief – they are riddled with grottos, caves and recesses.
To see the lake completely and enjoy it, you need to sail through it by boat.

The caves are also very interesting. The main cave has a narrow entrance lurking in the rocks on the right side of the dam. First you enter a vast high hall with an “altar”, and then the cave descends and divides into two narrow passages. There are no stalactites, although the walls of the lower corridors are covered with an interesting texture similar to coral reefs, which are decorated with water crystals. Even in the summer, it is very cold there. Fantastic and unforgettable.

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