Jeti-Oguz (Seven Bulls)

Jeti-Oguz (Jety-Oguz) – “Seven Bulls”, a gorge. One of the most picturesque gorges, Jeti-Oguz, is located 25 km southwest of Karakol. Its length is 37 km. It is the main remarkable place for travelers. The views from Panorama show all the contrast of this area. Red Canyon, a small village, yellow hills, and on the background green snow-capped mountains.

The narrow entrance to the gorge is formed by high red rocks of charming forms. Behind the gorge, where the Jeti-Oguz canyon begins, there is a beautiful place Kok-Jayik. It is known for its bizarre rocks, coniferous forests and alpine meadows, and Kek-Jailoo waterfall, which is 20 meters high.

In the Jeti-Oguz Gorge, six springs rise to the surface. In one of them, the temperature reaches 25 degrees. People drink this water for digestive purposes. Other springs of radon water heated to almost 36 degrees and in the form of baths are ideal for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

Here is a resort Jeti-Oguz (at an altitude of 2200 m) with hot mineral springs, surrounded by emerald meadows, forests of slender Tien Shan fir, and rocks, polished by winds.

To the south of the resort (5 km) is the Valley of Flowers, which blossoms with many poppies from May to early summer. Yurts are often set up here and you can stay in them and rest. The entire team of Soviet cosmonauts at one time relaxed exactly in ” Jeti-Oguz”. In the valley of flowers, Kok-Zhaiyk were built small houses, where the star travelers restored their health.

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