Jalal – Abad city

Jalal – Abad, a town. It is located in the spurs of the Fergana range, 54 km northeast of Osh city, in the southern part of the Kugart valley, at the foot of Ayub Tai Hill, at an altitude of 764 m and is one of the industrial and cultural centers of southern Kyrgyzstan.
The area where the town of Jalal – Abad is located was widely known in ancient times for its healing springs. People began to settle near the springs. It is considered that Jalalabad was named after Jalal ad Din (beginning of the 12th century) who was famous for building caravanserais that accommodated travelers and pilgrims coming to the holy sources of Jalal – abad and also for passing merchants on the Great Silk Road.
According to legend, the Chashma-Ayub (“Job’s spring”), which was visited by the prophet Ayub (the biblical Job), was located here. Many of the springs have been known since the 2nd century B.C. and are considered sacred.
At the beginning of the XIX century there was a small Kokand fortress, next to which appeared a village, and then the city grew. In the 1870s, there were Russian migrants in the town, and the garrison and a military hospital appeared in the village. Since 1876 is part of the Russian Empire, the status of the city – in 1877. The first mention of a settlement called Jalal-abat was also mentioned at that time in official historical documents.
The resort complex Jalal-abat is situated 5 km from the town at an altitude of 971 meters above sea level. Tourists are attracted here by a variety of mineral springs and therapeutic mud.
The climate is mountain-steppe. The average annual temperature is +10 ˚ C. Summers are hot and the temperature sometimes rises to 43°C. Winter is comparatively warm, with an average temperature of about 0°C. Relative humidity from June to October is a low 30%, with even lower levels in the hot summer months. Precipitation is about 460 mm per year.

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