Kel-Suu Lake

Kel-Suu lake 

Kel-Suu lake (Kol-suu; Kel-suu) awards you with magnicifent views of snow capped mountains and greenish tint lake which is surrounded with rocky gray mountains. It is located in remote place of KG. Lake is in border zone, thats why you need border permit it is because of border proximity with China. There are two options to get there first is from Tash Rabat – Torugart border post, second is from Naryn – Ak-Muz Village -Kyndy pass. 

Reachable: Only 4×4 driving 

Accomodation Type: Tent/ Yurt Camp.

Level of Touristy: Normal

We Recommend

Kel-Suu is worth to visit. You can take 3 day tour from Naryn City and make a loop. Naryn – Kel-Suu lake – Tash Rabat Caravanserai – Naryn. By the way DON`T forget Border permits make it advance for 1 week before. If you want we can meet you in Airport and take these amazing place and do border permits for you and see you off in the Airport. 

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