Tour Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Welcome to lifechanging Experience in Central Asia! We are happy to show you the best parts of these two countries. Everyday is a different scenery. Contrasts of landscape. Authentic experience of locals and nomads.



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Day 1: Almaty city – Arrival (ALA)

Welcome to Central Asia! Today we meet you at the airport and pick you up at the hotel where you can have a rest. Today you can relax in the city by yourself. In the nearby hotel, there will be plenty of cafes and restaurants. And we can take you to the panorama of Almaty which we call Kok Tobe. Then we will have the first dinner in a local ethno restaurant.

Day 2: Almaty city > Charyn Canyon

After your breakfast, we head to Charyn canyon, which is like a small Grand Canyon in Central Asia. We will walk around and have a picnic. And we will drive to the Kazak family which lives in Saty village. Today we stay in the local guest house. And The host feeds us with local Kazak meals. You can explore a very calm and charming village by walking around.

Day 3: Charyn-Canyon > Kolsai Lake > Kaindy Lake

After breakfast, we drive to Kolsai Lake which is one of the most visited places. And have very nice views on the background there is Tien-Shan Mountain range. After lunch, we will explore Kaindy Lake. Kaindy lake has a very specific view coz of a sunk forest. Overnight at same guest house.

Day 4: Saty Village > Karakol city(Kyrgyzstan)

Today we leave Kazakhstan and drive to Kyrgyzstan. We will cross the border. The border crossing procedure will take around one or half an hour. Lunch is on the way to Karakol along the river and today we can make trekking to the lake Ken-Suu. Overnight at the Guesthouse in Karakol. Dinner in the guest house.

Day 5: Karakol > Altyn-Arashan gorge (16km~trekking)

Breakfast and today we will go trekking to Altyn-Arashan gorge and make sure to wear your trekking shoes and water. Our guide will lead you to a beautiful green gorge along the river which makes you feel very calm and relaxed after living in big megapolises. And we would be happy about that. Interesting thing is that after a long hike you can swim in a natural hot spring and relax with the view of Palatka peak. Overnight at lodge.

Day 6: Altyn-Arashan gorge > Jeti-Oguz gorge

Today in the morning you will be picked up by a 4×4 wheel truck. And it drives back to where you started the trekking. And Our driver meets us and we drive to Jeti-Oguz gorge. It takes 30min of driving. Jeti-Oguz is a red rock that has intense color. Overnight at Yurt camp. Yurt camp will have beds and the inside is warm.

Day 7: Jeti-Oguz gorge > Bokonbaev village

Today we drive on the south shore of Ysyk-Kul lake which is the second-largest alpine lake after Titikaka in Peru. So today you can enjoy swimming in the pristine lake. And visiting some fairy tale canyons. With the view of snow-capped mountains. Overnight in Guest house.

Day 8: Bokonbaev village > Son-Kol lake

If you’ve never seen vast and huge meadows then today is a good opportunity. We drive to Son-Kul lake. It is located at an altitude of 3000m above sea level. Thousands of yurt camps where semi-nomads live. You can experience the nomadic life seeing how the nomads lived in such beautiful place in their cozy Yurt. Overnight at Yurt Camp.

Day 9: Son-Kol lake > Tash-Rabat Caravansarai

You’ve heard about the Great silk road, so we drive one of traders’ hotel at that time. It is built with stones and we call it Tash Rabat. To get there we drive in mountain passes which amazes thousands of eyes. Overnight at Yurt Camp.

Day 10: Tash-Rabat > Kel-Suu(Kol-Tetiri) Lake

Today we hope you will be fascinated with the view of Kel-Suu lake. Kel-Suu lake is located in the south part of Kyrgyzstan near to China border. And it requires a special permit. We will make ready permits for you and after crossing the border zone, you will be located in the real remoteness of Kyrgyzstan. We will be driving with the view of snowcapped mountains. Overnight at Yurt Camp.

Day 11: Kel-Suu Lake > Naryn city

After breakfast, we can explore areas and drive to Naryn city. It takes around 5 hours to drive through the mountains. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 12: Naryn City > Bishkek city

Today we drive to Bishkek city. It is the capital of Kyrgyzstan and we will make a city tour and Overnight at the hotel. At night transfer to the airport.

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