Chon-Kemin Valley

Chon-Kemin Valley

150km  from Bishkek lies the valley of Chon-Kemin. This long valley lies at altitudes of between 1400 m and 2800 m above sea level and reaches over 80 km deep into the mountains between the Kungey Ala-Too and Zailii ranges, parallel to the Kazakh border. It has verdant pastures, woodland (of Tian-Shan firs), mountain lakes (jamalysh, Kogor,Tor, Almaty and Kichi-Kemin amongst them) and spectacular views of the mountains (for example: Kichi-Kemin – 4220m; Alisher Novoi – 4170 m and Teke Tor – 4190 m.
The valley has a rich variety of vegetation, and animal life, and boasts both a Zoological preserve (with partridges, gold pheasant, hare,wild boar and mountain sheep) and a botanical reserve (Kapchagai – which is home to ephedra – horsetail). The conifer forests which line the mountains which form the sides of the valley are reknowned throught out the country and are home to many varieties of mushrooms, berries and herbs.

Reachable: Any car

Accommodation Type: Guest House/ tent / Yurt Camps

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There are several possibilities for trekking in the valley. One route runs over the mountains towards Balykchi on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, and others lead up towards the valleys of Griorievka and Semyenovka.
The Chon-Kemin valley also offers a venue for white-water rafting and fishing

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