Jyrgalan Valley

Jyrgalan Valley

Located in far eastern Kyrgyzstan is a small, idyllic valley just opening to tourism. Arrive in the summer, and the Jyrgalan Valley greets you with lush, verdant mountains lit by bright sunshine and cooled with fresh mountain air — the perfect place for trekking adventures. As the seasons change, the valley transforms into a rich winter landscape surrounded by high mountain peaks and deep, powdery snow — optimal conditions for freeride skiing. (jyrgalan Destinations) 

Reachable: any transport

Accomodation Type: Guest Houses

Level of Touristy:  Normal

We recommend

Jyrgalan is green valley that you can find yourself in peace nature.  In summer you can do horse riding Trekking and Biking throught valley. All levels are can be found.  For More information Contact Us. Book tour to Jyrgalan Valley



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