Isyk-Kul lake

Issyk-Kul – «Pearl of the Tian-Shan». The lake’s name, which derives from a word for “hot lake”, alludes to the fact that it does not freeze over during the winter, even though the lake is situated at an altitude of 5,278 feet. Mountains ring the lake. To the North are the Kungei («Sunny») Ala-Too mountains and while to the South lie the Terksei («Shady») Ala-Too mountains. These mountain ranges protect the Issyk-Kul hollow from winds bringing either extreme cold – or extreme hot – winds. 

It is Kyrgyzstan “largest Lake and at about 178 km long by 70 km wide and 668 meters deep at the deepest point. The Issyk – Kul Lake is the largest in the Tien – Shan Mountains (6,236 sq km). Total length of the shoreline is about 370 miles. Next to lake Titicaca in Peru, it is the world’s second largest mountain lake.

Tian Shansky wrote of Issyk-Kul may have been the first to make the comparison – he wrote about lake Issyk-Kul: «The dark, blue surface of Issyk-Kul is as blue as the surface of Geneva Lake, but the large size of Issyk-Kul makes it grandiose, which can not be said of Geneva Lake. The Issyk-Kul water beautifully reflects snow-covered Tien Shan peaks against the background of the dark blue, bright, cloudless Central Asian sky»

Around Isyk-Kul lake you can find amazing places where you need to visit too. Take a tour around Ysyk-Kul lake 

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